-If you switch away from the Warwand with the blunt end out, then switch back, the wand will have the gem end facing forward. -In a recent change to G/ZDoom, var ints no longer pass to actors through inheritance, so the mod caused an error when starting up in newer dev versions. -Pressing and holding altfire with the Dragonclaw while the scope altfire is selected no longer causes the claws to flicker. -Red bolts for Warbow dissipate after they travel a certain distance. -Digits for health & stamina readout in HUD change color as they decrease. -Ash Gargoyles properly return to their See state after attacking. -Vilegoyle gibs are now translated correctly. -The secret level for each episode now has an all-new entrance text. -A puff used by the Alchemace no longer encounters an invalid state. -Bar hud correctly displays primary & secondary ammo counts. -Previously, Warlocks were only using their earth spike magic if the target was within 256 units of the caster, when it should have been t

Heretic: War of the Sidhe v0.5
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