A sequel to Hard, 40 map single player episode for Half-Life.

Hard 2
TheUnbeholden Author

This one continues the tradition of being fairly high on the difficulty curve mainly because of keeping health and batteries scarce, this time around there is alot creativity in the map design. Areas you go to are quite different then I've seen in any HL1 mod to date, however at some point it begins to feel like the modder was making these areas all different just because. Out in the rocky mountains of New Mexico made sense, but then a entertainment establishment out in the rocky canyons, a Submarine, Vienna type of Italian city, very un-black facilities ect Without taking into account the context for moving into these places. The advantage of varied level design comes the lack of logic connecting these areas. Also the last 45 minutes are so get a bit to easy, you get stocked up on revolver ammo and even coming up against assassins (and you fight more here than any mod I've seen to date) it still feels like your quite powerful, enough to not get hit enough for the scarce health to mean much.

So much so even the developer realized this and removed our weapons before the bridge part for no logical reason, this managed didn't make things any more difficult because the enemy placement started to get rather lazy and not the surprising we've come to expect. Also the level design towards the end gets a bit to simple, particularly the giant lava room, short space station and the Xen part. Does that hamper the experience? Well it would have been nice to end on a high note and not that. But ah well, the rest of the mod was almost as good in terms of gameplay as the first.

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some part will crash on D3D mode. Also the HD pack for this game seem to screw with the pathing of Barney somehow. At the part where you have to get Barney out of a trailer to get him open a door for you he will be stuck.

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