Pingu: "Three years late I've finally gotten round to making a Q3 map... The reason is for the geometry competition, and because I fancied a challenge. After dabbling with Q3R for.. ouuu.. three years now I've never really been inspired to create a complete map. However, upon stumbling upon Sock's egyptian texture set, his Iceflow skybox and a recent version of GTK... finally the door opened. Hands Of God (Gods have no thumbs) is the result. Thing is, would you have noticed if I hadn't told ya? The reason there's no thumbs is because, as you may realise from seeing the fingers, they were pretty much impossible to create. Sure, a 3DS Max model would have done the trick, but the competition asked to try and stay away from using models as best as possible - it would have been cheating to have done them that way."

Hands Of God (handsofgod)
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