Half-Life TDM/CTF e-sport model pack. It replaces hgrunt and scientist players models on the red and blue helmet models and add red.mdl and blue.mdl player models for more comfortable playing on a team deфthmatch, capture the flag servers. Such as for example: AIMaster HL TDM and [SPb] 1 > Russian CROSSFIRE ctf It also replaces some models of weapons:Glock 17, 357, Egon / Gluon Gun, Shotgun, MP5 / M4, Gauss Gun / Tau Cannon, Сrossbow, Crowbar. And the archive contains two folders with models of weapons, you need to choose the color you want to use. Before using this package make a backup of the original models.

Half-Life TDM/CTF e-sport model pack

10/10 stars job ;)

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