The Mission Frosty has been sent in to investigate. Frosty,s Mission is to find a way in and out of this Weyland supply Ghost ship? Battle through Aliens and corps and nasty predators. you might find a few UFOs there somewhat curious?(Distraction show) Is it an experiment gone wrong? Predators, aliens, humans, Bots, share this place. The Predators are in control? Can Frosty make it? You play Through the level until you obtain the Torch an hack device, At half way of game you Must hack panel to activate ship for launch you can Leave the game at this point?(BIG MISTAKE) or still Feeling a bit Frosty? shoot the last two eggs at the ship. Play more and get the Queen as your trophy! kill the spider Guards and its up to you to find out the rest of the game. Make quick saves Often push F6 read the install help file

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Hi all
Please see the new updated version
frosty aliens predators special edition newer updated version is called

FAPSEupdate2017 for March 2017


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