So i got sequel uploaded here and i thought ''why the hell not?'' i just upload first chapter here too, this was meant to be part of Vinesauce Joel's Doom 2 contest in 2016 but i was too late to submit it.

Fists in Blood 1
Linedef98 - - 19 comments

It's very difficult to create a proper "outpost" map. Invasion maps have normally have broken walls, shattered ceilings, and lots of supplies lying around. This map, however, isn't invasive with its atmosphere and sense of scale. The debris is tight, the curved corners and ponds are slick, and the placement of enemies sets up some fun encounters.

It was really fun to play through, and I think if Joel were to pick this one up in a future stream or whatnot, then he'd thoroughly enjoy it as well!

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ice_trey - - 1,106 comments

is vinesauce on moddb? Love their yt marathons :P Checking the playthru of MGS2 now, its hilarious :D :D

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