This lets you directly see the names of the factions you are choosing from. They show in the select screen to make it easier, and also on the New Game screen by your portrait. So you can now see your faction name close to the faction relations. You don't have to go looking to the top of the screen. I think the descriptions now seem more fitting as supplemental text.

Faction Names on New Game screen (Anomaly 1.5.1/1.5.2)
TheDailyXPerience - - 202 comments

Small QOL, but nice for new players and for saving time for those who have a hard time remembering.

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Guest - - 695,141 comments

Ridiculously useful little QoL addon that would've saved a lot of restarts because I forgot the change the player portrait when switching between. Too bad that I've memorized all the icons by now.

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Theisgood - - 579 comments

My goodness what a wonderful mod my brother is going to get my old laptop and he wants to start playing anomaly so mods like this are really useful for new players.

Also why is this not in the base game of anomaly like this should be shown to the devs as a simple patch in the next update to anomaly.

Be sure you get credit too, 10/10 bro.

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quambo Author
quambo - - 30 comments

Haha, awesome. That's the purpose of the mod. I'm going to show my brother Anomaly, too.


Oh, and there are so many other mods that improve QoL, companions, and everything, but one other interesting one that pertains to new games and factions is the Crossing The Border addon. I think that pairs well with this one. It gives you some more role-playing to do with factions.

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DemocracyWithWar! - - 314 comments

10/10 because thumbnail contains Monolith

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jguftyrtrx - - 74 comments

Нет бы сделать мод чтобы NPC использовали укрытие в перестрелках, а не бежали под пули, как БАРАНЫ НА ВОРОТА сломя голову . Вы моды которые мало кому интересны выпускаете .

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