Allow faction change to loners, require goodwill to change factions, adjust goodwill on faction change, and allow changing Hip's faction to your own.

Faction Change Adjustments
dexter136 Author

I also want to change the faction change quest to be more than "gib money pls." I just am not sure what to change it to yet.

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I have no skill in modding, so I have no idea how hard would it be to make this happen, but beside the usuall "GIBE MONEI PLZ" as there are factions like CS who would probably need the founds to keep going, you could set up a few missions which represents the faction's point of view.

Like for the ecologists, you could get a mission where you need to hunt down low level mutants, and bring their parts. Nothing too hard for a rookie and it also makes sense.

For the mercs maybe some contract to kill this and that guy, or pick up some goods, and intel from this guys.

For Dooty, you could try to give the player some mutants purging task. Like killing a pack of dogs or pigs, again nothing too wild, like asking your "soon-gonna-be" private to hunt down 3 pseudogiant.

For Loners... money sounds okay, since we all know that money is the only thing that makes Sid happy (besides KFC drum sticks)

For bandits... I kinda have no clue... nor Freedom or the Army...

This is only my idea and suggestion, and having the goodwill thingy is still better then throwing money at the faction leader like some corrupted politican.

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