ENB and SweetFX for Batman Arkham Asylum & GOTY. This is a Place and Play, no adjustments required.

ENB and SweetFX for Batman Arkham Asylum & GOTY
carinth01 Author
carinth01 - - 180 comments

This can be used in combination with any texture packs or add-ons.
To make adjustments to ENB, alter the enbseries.ini configuration settings file, found in the main folder.
To make adjustments to Sweetfx, go to \SweetFX\Presets and alter the Batman Arkham Asylum.txt file.
The default settings file is located in the main folder, SweetFX_settings.txt. However, it is not used for the settings as the SweetFX_preset.txt file is directing it to the presets folder (alter to match, if you make change to location or name of settings file).

Alter ENB and SweetFX settings as you like.
Full ENB Download available here:
Full Sweetfx Download available here:

I hope you find these programs and adjustments helpful at making your Batman Arkham Asylum game more enjoyable.

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justshahzad123 - - 2 comments

where can i put the file?

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carinth01 Author
carinth01 - - 180 comments

To Install

Download and extract to the following location : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Asylum (GOTY)\Binaries. Start and play. (Adjust ingame settings.)

Just check the description notes for full setup. Anything else just let me know.

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whodatninja117 - - 16 comments

Hello, when I install this my fps dips down to like 20. Whereas without the Sweetfx, it's like 120fps! Any reason to why? It seems to be whatever Sweetfx preset I use, I cant get good framerates on this 8 year old game. I have everything set to ultra.

I tried turning off Physx, and only then I get good FPS again. Do I really have to pick between Physx and Sweetfx? Any way to have both? I have a Asus GTX 1080, there should be no issues.

I tried the NVIDIA OPTIMUS D3D9 DLL FIX but it didn't help.

And my desktop doesn't have a choice between GTX 1080 and Integrated Grahpics, so it's set to GPU by default.

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carinth01 Author
carinth01 - - 180 comments

Have you first tried the alternate enb's in the altd3d9 folder?
As well, update your geforce experience and driver. It seems the 1080's have been giving people some grief lately. Do a custom, clean install. Then enable the DSR and set the settings like I have them posted, make the line changes to the files as outlined.
Then try it again and if using any turbo or overclocking software disable that also.
Oh, and if you have not done so, update your dx9 to the final release in case it's a DX issue.

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