this skin and had it for some time but had to correct mistakes, and put in openGL said errors without notes or send me a private mesaje



There seems to be a lack of credits in this page.
I'll put these here...

Ambient.Impact - HEV Hands model
Red Slug - Dynamite model
H4wk - HEV Hands reskin + Dynamite reskin
Daza - Altered animations
ezequiel-TM - Compiler + w_model

That is all.

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ezequiel-TM Author

boy, I not quite understand this website.

I mean like putting credits

pd: the hands are "romka". they are not "Ambient.Impact"

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1. Putting credits can be done in the description.
Use the optional fields options.

2. I didn't really bother checking the actual model in Gamebanana, but once i downloaded this one i noticed it instantly.

The hands are Ambient.Impact, the source found here :

While the HEV's texture itself is H4wk's reskin.
(Links are dead, but it is most definitely H4wk's.)

The gordon_glove_chrome was found here.
(Same as above, the HIT Forums pretty much lost all of its attachments.)

I think you got it mixed up with the HEV w_suit MODEL that Romka did.
Even then the w_suit textures were mostly still based from Valve's HD pack textures, similar to AI's v_ hand mesh, so i really don't know how you got them mixed up.

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ezequiel-TM Author

thanks for your help

to my knowledge, hands were created by romka (SMD reference)
that once he puts in your ReadMe.txt

this may have been an error filter for long, as I was researching and hands seem to actually were created by Ambient.Impact

maybe I'm wrong, correct me if I'm wrong

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