After doomguy fought his way through hell itself, he is celebrating his victory over the descendants of evil on the fortress of doom. It is just in that moment, when the fortress of doom picks up a signal from demons in a nearly forsaken space ship. "Well, their debts haven't yet been paid off, daisy", doomguy is pondering. It's time to fight again, so he makes his way to the said space ship. No evil in this universe shall be spared.

Doomed Spaceship

Very good level.

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Really Awesome map dude! Had a blast and the difficulty is just *Chef Kiss* great. Been a long time since I played a solo map with this much attention to detail.

-Edit-- Just played the Update version. Good Job! I really liked the aesthetic changes while keeping most of it intact. Kinda bummed that you made it slightly less difficult, but it still holds up excellent.

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xorcAge Author

Thanks a lot for playing both versions and for your great feedback! I am glad you like it.

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