you're a marine dropped into a city ravaged by an airborne zombie infection, your job is to rescue people from a badly defended evacuation block of the city. You have to get out alive with a few straggling evacuees and your rescue comes in 3 days. What you do for those 3 days is pretty much up to you. During the day you'll gather ammo and health and encounter wandering zombies. During the night you'll hide pretty much anywhere you want and shoot at hordes of oncoming runners (by which I mean zombies, not human joggers). The evacuees help you, however, in the way that you can spawn them wherever you want and they will become your stationary gunners. You can build a barricade (a system which I'm working on implementing in more than just the one current place) and you have mines as well.

Deadline v6.88

Sorry man.... no good

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