A total conversion? Eh, pretty close...More of a conversion from the light side to the dark side. More of a story of Evil vs. Evil, and a few innocent Jedi get destroyed along the way. This mod is an expansion of Dark_Maul's "The Deluxe Maul Package". This is also a story of an actual Star Wars event. "Loosely" based on Haden Black man's Jango Fett:Open Seasons, heavily embellished by me(FAN FIC). The event takes place 12 years before the Battle of Geonosis in which Maul was still alive under the apprenticeship of Sidious. And Dooku was first falling to the Dark side under the influence of Sidious. Whoops! Gave that away... This mod is a mix of many author's work with only a few "cut'n'pastes" here and there by me. I only claim originality for the screenplay and the soundfiles...oh and the few reskins.

Dark Origins TC

Voice acting a bit wobbly, but way fun mod. Liked it better than the base game.

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