Returns the ability to randomize the player's name to the character creation menu. Just a small addon made as a practice run for UI modifications.

DA Random Name Generator
stooe - - 810 comments

Vetka Sausage reporting for duty

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HardenedSerpent - - 22 comments

This mod caused a crash when used with tweakium + merc tweak.

[error]Expression : xml_doc.NavigateToNode(path,index)
[error]Function : CUIXmlInit::Init3tButton
[error]File : ui\UIXmlInit.cpp
[error]Line : 354
[error]Description : XML node not found
[error]Argument 0 : main_dialog:btn_rand
[error]Argument 1 : ui\ui_mm_faction_select_16.xml

stack trace:

If i replace the file from this mod with the Tweakium Mercenary Perk Pistol+Ammo (Optional) crash doesn't happen.

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Faeren Author
Faeren - - 84 comments

"XML node not found" means the .xml file where the Randomize Name button is located is not present. If you are using the Merc tweak patch you have to paste it over the gamedata folder, not just apply the Merc patch folder. You need to drop the gamedata folder made when the .7z is unzipped into your game directory then drop the gamedata folder inside the "Merc + Tweak Patch" folder on top of that.

If you are doing this, another addon must be overwriting the configs/ui/ui_mm_faction_select_16.xml file, if this is the case all you need to do is open the file, search for "btn_rand" and copy paste the entire xml entry into the .xml file again (in the same place beside btn_back and btn_submit) after any other addons modify it.

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monstdrewfett - - 4 comments

Why can't this work with faction select?

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