This is a Crysis MOD i'd worked on for a few months with some warhead assets nothing fancy.Nomad finds himself on a vast island filled with hostile KPA.He must fight his way to the end of the map. This my first ever map requires you have crysis warhead assets added to your crysis /game/objects/architecture folder.Also new Barrack 2.Poppyflower 3.Warhead veg 4.Warhead trunks 5.Dandelion flower 6.Nettles 7.Modified SCAR 8.Crysis_nehaa dwnld link with 2 other required assets which are put in crysis/objects,bamboo scaffolding multiplayer/nodule giant rocks 9.Wasps/ant Watch Gameplay video to find your way round as there is no minimap,missions or way points.Link at bottom right of videos for mediafire objects plus nehaa

Crysis Nehaa version2

First of all Nehaa is not a mod but a map. A pretty one and a
very large one. It it had the tense gameplay of Mysterious
Island,Holz or even Calm it would be a blast to play,but its
just populated with no Nano KPA.
Sadly there is no cry-file included in the download,so one cant
fool around with it and populate it with more challenging
enemies or make the AI a notch smarter than it is now,because on
my travel through Nehaa i often picked them up running against walls or corner.
That there is no story or missions is ok with me,but the lack
of "hard" enemies like APC`s,Tanks,Nano-KPA`s makes this map
way to easy for a decent experienced Crysis player.

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petrofsko Author

HI there Friedell thanks for your kind constructive critique unfortunately I made this map on a 4096x4096 scale then changed it to8000+ scale then saved it and exported to engine very late on because of this it can't be edited any more,will just crash.

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