EDIT: Should be fixed now. Really just a port of my Anomaly addon for more vanilla-ish CoC mods, should also be compatible with Call of Chernobyl and its forks, also compatible with 1.0 and 1.2 and also future updates if DoctorX doesn't touch the Dynamic music system

Combat Music Extended (CoTZ Edition)

I had an issue where the music volume would repeatedly set itself to 0. Kind of bummed me out, because I love this addon after spending a few hours playing with it.

Fortunately, Sanctuary posted a fix for this issue somewhere else. I keep running into that guy. I feel like a STALKER. Anyway, link here. You might want to add this to the addon, or maybe update your description.

Thanks for the addon, it's awesome!

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NeboStrelok1154 Author

Late but this is due to how the system works, this is a very hacky fix.

How the system works is that the actual music volume slides down to zero, then when it hits zero it switches to ambient music and goes back up, if you save the game it caches the volume of the music to either the exact volume it was left on or default to zero.

tldr dont save instantly after combat ends and the music is switching.

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