-ColumbianVillaV1_0- Supported Singleplayer Modes : Lone Wolf, Terrorist Hunt, Hostage Rescue Supported Coop Modes: Terrorist Hunt, Hostage Rescue Supported Adverserial Modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Pilot(Escort) This Columbian Villa is owned by a wealthy Cartel warlord named Gomez Esteban. Many complaints have been received regarding loud gunfire, and wild cocaine fueled parties... The Columbian officials dispatched officers to said Villa, and where not met welcomingly at the main gate by armed cartel members... Esteban has since fled the compund via underground tunnels. In his final request he instructed his mercenaries to take local police officers hostage... Good thing our spies have reconned the compound thoroughly! Clark: Be vigilant and stay on point... Execute! Don't think twice...


Error on Terrorist Hunt says could not find a starting point in server console

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