my first doom map! i worked hard on this and i hope you enjoy

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btw image isnt related to wad i just uploaded that file

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No chance at all that you "worked hard on this" and it's only 2kb.

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It's decent for a first map. You need to learn floor heights and proper doors. Also never put an exit in a secret. Maybe look at some of doom 2's level designs or maybe even custom mega-wads maps. It isn't hard to make a map for doom. It's just time consuming. On UV its very hard to die. There is an SSG, soulsphere and green armor that you cant miss and a "fake" secret with a bfg and a lot of ammo. I think if you took this map and put some more effort and time into it you can make it a good map.

Mod compatible
Fair amount of spacing (Space to move around and avoid attacks)
Nice attempt at a boss even if it's a little easy

Map feels rushed
Hard to die
Very early weapons with a lot of ammo
Isn't really a cathedral

Rating: 3/10 More effort required.

One more thing: The map in its current state is kinda easy. Easy enough to beat it on UV-Pacifist on my second try.

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I would spend more time watching videos uploaded by Chubzdoomer, he does provides some great mapping tips and delivers rules guided by John Romero for map design.

I would experiment more with varying heights and adding decorates, but I can see where having Hexen-style secrets would be fun.

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