The first map in what will be a 5 map mini-episode I am working on. A dark horror-atmospheric styled WAD inspired by Blood HeXen(aesthetically no HUB stuff going on) SIGIL and DooM 3. *Resource management and keeping out for secrets are an absolute must onĀ UV difficulty. There is reloading, and some emphasis on melee combat. The track is "Technomagick Sacrament" by the incredible HeXenkraft. you can find their amazing Hellsynth jams here:

Born in a Casket V1.2
jokerrider - - 311 comments

Finally got to see what the "fuss" was about. A word of advice - don't apologize to a bunch of loudmouthed weirdos especially to those people in doomworld/zdoom forums. Those people get triggered anyway for no reason whatsoever and they don't own moddb. They don't like your wad for being pro-trans/mentioning gender/politics/religion? That's their problem, not yours.

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