Restores the original Last Day animations for the bolt.

Bolt Action
paranoiia8 - - 519 comments

Well, its nice addon, but for me always used ammo case have more sense than bolt.
I think I suggested seargedp that bad ammo could be used as bolts becase right now bad ammo have no use at all, and you would actually need to gather it to throw(but I would reduce its weight from 0.05 to 0.01 so it would not be annoying to carry it)

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Kushan_Blackrazor Author
Kushan_Blackrazor - - 239 comments

You're welcome to your opinion, and I would agree if the Zone were any other war zone with an abundance of ammunition. But I would imagine around Chernobyl, being able to reclaim spent rounds would be more useful than simple iron bolts found laying about the various ruined factories and warehouses.

In any case, its a direct reference to the film and book so that's reason enough for me.

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paranoiia8 - - 519 comments

No, No, Im totally agree with you that its fit to original stalker book/movie and bolts make more sense in industrial zone.
I was just referring to Anomaly mod and game it self, where we have bad ammo items in it and they dont have any purpose and it would have more sense to use it as those bolts.
Your addon is nice people like original things, I was just mentioning that it would be good to use empty cases for throwing, especially when in game we already have model for it and item graphics.

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n0rie9a - - 115 comments

since none is a bad idea (bolts are lore-friendly and old ammo would finally have a use) i think it would be a good idea to have them as a menu option (probably in "new game" dialog) - give people a choice.

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Lyokanthrope - - 37 comments

I've personally always liked the idea of just having a 'random bag 'o metal junk' that you'd be using to detect anomalies. Old bolts, nuts, screws, rail spikes (might be a bit large), random shell casings, etc.

Probably not too practical, but it's a fun idea.

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Guest - - 695,470 comments

Using bullets would be silly and funny! I like bolts better, but the guy throwing bullets would be hilarious to watch him get shot by his own bullet after he throws it into an anomaly lol xD

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Skuffe - - 21 comments

they are talking about a shell casing not a "bullet" or cartridge as its called bullet is just the tip, so there is no way you could be "harmed" by that unless the anomaly would throw the shell casing back into your face/eyes.

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GuruZeb - - 39 comments

WTF is wrong with some people .... Obviously we need bolts in stalker!!!

Because bolts are quintessential to stalker and probably THE most iconic item in the entire game.

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ScavsAteMySandwich - - 155 comments

I like the internet, it's a nice place to visit and there are nice people that live here

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RamseySparrow - - 833 comments

I'm not sure what the problem is exactly nor where all the radical emotions here come from.

Anomaly uses both bolts and bullet casings as far as my experience goes, which makes sense given both its literary legacy and its game oriented faction hostilities nature. Since, just like everything else in life, the lore and essential flavour evolved from the time of the original novel through Tarkovsky's film, through Chernobyl-themed ukrainian game to EFT-flavoured Anomaly. What's the big deal? Why the radical attitudes?

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