Best of Unreal Tournament in one mutator one game with extras. This include: Impact Hammer from UT99, Shock Rifle from UT2003 (UT99 pickup sound, switch sound, Fire sound), LinkGun from UT2003 (UT3 pickup sound, UT2004 switch sound, fire sound), The Rocket Launcher From UT2004 (UT3 pickup sound, UT99 switch sound, fire sound), Rocket Launcher From UT99 (UT2003 model, UT3 pickup sound, UT99 alt fire, fire and switch sounds), Flak Cannon From UT2004 (UT99 fire, pickup, switch sounds), Sniper Rifle made with the OnsPainter and the UT2004 sniper parts colored in purple and using animations from the UT3 sniper. (UT99 pickup, fire and switch sounds) UT2004 Unlimited Translocator with UT99 sounds, Assault Rifle from UT2004 shooting like the UT3 handgun (ut2003 alt fire sound, UT3 stinger fire sound, UT3 switch sound), Return flag, drop sounds from UT99 CTF, UTClassic options (no double jump, etc.), Ammo pickup sounds mostly from UT3 and other pickup sounds from UT99 or Unreal.

Best Of Unreal

Is there a way just to use the UT99 impact hammer and not the rest of the mod as I would like to try it out with the default weapons of UT2004 and not with the mods weapons?


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muscat Author

yes in the version 1.1 (101) not uploaded here at the moment

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