Hi Stalkers, A simply addon to add stealth and detection bars with DHUD mod in Dead Air.

Bart Radar Stealth Detection Bars For DHUD In DEAD AIR
redgangsta305 - - 117 comments

Dead airs stealth in my opinion is really good so adding a stealth bar will actually make sneaking more predictable. thanks and good mod

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Dhatri - - 584 comments

Well, I like this. I like unintrusive HUD and those bars fit the DHuD nicely ,imho. I can see how some people will not like the idea of having a visual representation of their stealth prowess.
And most of the time I'd assume you will not see the bars in action because the AI is utterly blind in vanilla DA.

Side note: It is not actually *a* stealthbar but rather the soundmeter and the aggrometer being reestablished. So you can see how much noise you are making or wether something is starting to see you from afar.

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