Add-on for Blood Plasma Pack and regular Blood 1.11 edition. After Caleb's successful defeat of Tchernobog, he retires to Los Roma, a sleepy little town in his home state of Texas, where the only dead animal is the one on his dinner plate. He is sick of fighting, tired of bloodshed. But as he spends his days building up a ranch, there is activity beneath the ground of Los Roma. At first there are only tremors, and the townspeople shrug their shoulders before going on as usual. But soon, strange sounds begin to emanate from the town church. Hellish sounds that lift the hair on Caleb's neck, and grip his cojones with iron-tight fear. His old life, he knows, is returning.

BANZAI's Addon

I'm only on the secret level but from what I've played so far, this is by far the best Blood Add-on here. Some superb level design given the limitations of the Build Engine. I also love the inclusion of the strategy guide. Thanks for sharing this fantastic episode for all to enjoy.

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