The first thing I noticed when I first saw this plane was his similarities with the jets from AC3 so, I decieded to give him some love!

AXF-14G Electrosphere-themed skin pack
TheRibbonRed - - 26 comments

That's an unusually long publishing time for Genette, don'cha think so? The iconic swing wing was also noticeably absent from AC3. Perhaps the concept was obsolete?

Jokes aside, great job on the skin.

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liberty_wings Author
liberty_wings - - 926 comments

I know it was absent :D
Orignally ,in my bckstory, It should have been a cheaper alternative to others GR fighters such as the F-22C and the Erne (that's the reason behind an obsolet concept like the swing wing) but then, It would have been really too long to read! Anyway, thank you ;)

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Xpand122 - - 70 comments

PS1 couldn't handle it. The R-103 has a swing wing inside its aeroelastic skin, but that isn't seen either.

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TheRibbonRed - - 26 comments

So that's why the fuselage design was rather different. Though if I'm not mistaken, the XFA-36 Game has moving parts on the wings, no? Not a swing wing tho', just a variable design similar to the ASF-X/F-3 Shinden II.

Guess they had to remove it for other contents.

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