This is my first duell map. This map has got 4 areas. I hope you enjoy it and if you find bugs, I will fix them! If you don't like it, pls say why and what I can make better next time.

Arena Duell (du_arena) (BETA)
Pardner - - 155 comments

Here are my comments:

1) Only four sections. That means only 8 people can play in duel more and only 12 people can play in trio mode. That means that this map would need to be run in trio mode on most public servers.

2) No bot support. Not hard to compile the .aas and add a few ai nodes.

3) This section is very bland. Almost too simple.

4) Great section, but maybe add a few light entities to cast a few shadows. Then you wouldn't have to have such a high _minlight that causes a shadow washout.

5) If you use the same skybox texture in all your section. It reduces the overbright effect as well as the multi-direction shadows.

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Fahim96 - - 135 comments

No Bots :(

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