Aliens from Area 51, Nevada have replicated an Area 51 on Africa's soil. Not only is the soil better for their experiments, they discovered a very rare diamond.. The Blood Diamond! With this diamond they can re-create their homewolrd. Transformation has begun! You must recover this diamond and put an end to thier plans. The only problem is, through their experiments they can transform to ... Human! Which side is Aliens or Human? Yours? Theirs? You will find most buildings to be void of furnishings but some still have experiment sources, or is it how they can transform? Note: I've replicated the map (close enough) from an arial photo of Area 51. Just put a twist on it for a Capture the Diamond match. No vehicles, just hoof it and shoot it! ps. Remember to demand Diamonds bought by you to be conflict free diamonds. You will feel better knowing that no one died for your Jewelry. :)

Area 51_Africa

It was to flat, I didn't really see any change in the terrain.

That and you basically just put model buildings all on 90 degree angle's, which are even repeated after each other (i.e the greenhouse's)

There's potential, but it's pretty basic so far.

You might also want to add a proper in game screenshot of the map, not a picture of the real thing.

I'm not trying to be harsh or anything, but like I said to that person who done that Church map, if you want to win this, you're really going to have to try.

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That was less inspired than my area 51 map. I don't mean to be rude, but it really did suck.

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Dretchen Author

Not trying to win anything. Just like modding. I've done quite a few for NWN and for LoTRO.

But if you look at the arial photo of area 51, it's flat land until you get outside the hanger and buildings area, then you hit craters etc...

Look at the buildings.. the buildings pretty much match the photo outline, give or take, that it's an alien re-creation just for their experiments and the discovery of Blood Diamonds.. well that's in the description.

Thanks for the feedback though. Workin on a checkpoint map which is taking a bit longer than the first 2.

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