A choice of 3 menu music tracks, including SHoC, CoP, and Anomaly. Plays in the main menu and the pause menu... To install just merge the gamedata folder from your desired menu music into the gamedata folder in your CotZ root.

Menu Music Mod
Wizard2 - - 298 comments

Thanks for the addon! can you make one but from the SoC menu theme?

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KorpseKing Author
KorpseKing - - 65 comments

I don't see why not, I'll have a look at it tonight. I'll probably just update this add-on with menu music from all 3 stalker games.

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accolyte1022 - - 600 comments

This is cool.

Oddly enough I have CoC menu music installed for Anomaly.

Edit: Major thanks for the update, SHoC music FTW.

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Wasmachineman_NL - - 91 comments

In my CoC install I had STALKERSOUP's menu music, guess i'll be doing the same here lol

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blink123 - - 36 comments

Great mod, thank you! The Anomaly music is a much more relaxing way to be greeted when I open a new game.

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