Important! To play this map you have to set 10,000 starting money, there needs to be two teams, this is a 2v2. Survival gameplay, a very different and interesting game mode, where you don't start with any docks, just the starting money and a crate. You have to rush and build secondary eco, and defend from early attacks from the opposing players. This is a Multiplayer only map! This map is also scripted for balance reasons, and also has a Supply Crate drop, that happens when the timer ends. So if you run out of money you will be very behind, but still have a chance to stay alive. Choose wisely who needs the crate drop, who defends, who attacks, always keep units alive.

10k Survival for Rise of the Reds
capybara17 - - 280 comments

This is pretty cool. To bad I only play with AI and I'm sure they really won't be cooperating with me or would just stop doing anything if their cash is depleted.

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Mernom - - 718 comments

Or not so anything whatsoever sinse if it's a multiplayer only map it probebly lacks even the most basic AI scripts...

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zionalex Author
zionalex - - 5 comments

^ yes this map currently has no AI scripting at all.. because there is no way it will work without money.. but I encourage you to play this online, this will help those who are not so familiar with online gameplay to learn units, and micro, as well as strategic base building. Once you know that, 10k regular gaming becomes easy to learn.

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darthcrevette - - 51 comments

As far as I know, the AI doesn't even *need* money; or rather, I'm pretty sure the basic AI script gives them money at regular intervals. I may be wrong, but I've noticed several times that even without any secondary eco, the AI never, ever runs out of money to keep pumping out units.

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Arc137 - - 450 comments

In fact, they have infinite money from the get-go.

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Guest - - 695,356 comments

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