World of Warcraft: Heroes Return is a fanmade total conversion Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game (ORPG) that inspired from original World of Warcraft franchise that developed by Blizzard. I'm trying to made 1st ever WoW total conversion in multiplayer ORPG version (as I haven't seen any). My aim on this project is to create a simple yet fancy and fun gameplay with eye catching fantasy-like terrain and effect that able to made the players has a World of Warcraft feeling when playing the game.

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Brand new version is finally out now! Freatured a remake-over of whole terrain into a detailed one, as well as fancy changeable weapon attachments as you change your weapon, new NPC way of interaction, new dungeon, new bosses, new classes and more!

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Brand new version is finally out now! Freatured a remake-over of whole terrain into a detailed one, I tried my best to create an environment that has actual "fantasy" feeling into the map. Here's a preview for some of them (with fog and weather effect deactivated in WE), the picture are small, so you'd better experience it directly in the game (and they're looks more better in the game).

There are also two small village which has a port feature that can made you access another island beside using warp feature: Evergreen and Jejunia (Jejunia name was taken from Jeju Island. haha)
As well as a new dungeon: Molten Core with Ragnaros the Firelord as the final Boss of the dungeon. As a miscellaneous feature, there's a Dungeon Stone that you can find in the front of dungeon, to gain information about dungeon history and list of dungeon bosses that available.

And beside whole terrain remake-over and new dungeon, of course there also new classes as well. 1 Warrior and 2 Hunter has joining the adventure! I choose 2 spec of Hunter as in previous version, Rogue class is the only one Agility-based character. Don't forget to check them out!

Beside new classes, there are also 2 playable secret memorable characters of legend from Warcraft III history: Arthas Menethil (as Paladin) and Grom Hellscream (as Warrior) that you can get as you play the game further!

Don't forget about the previous classes, beside some abilities changes, I also made some visual changes on them as well! (see the complete class changes on Latest Download changelog)

Mage visual change: New Fire Mage reskin mix and match between Kael'thas original skin and Mage tier 13 Timelord's. Surprisingly, they fit well somehow. And a new Shoulder for Frost Mage, with mesh edited from Distant Land staff.

Beside visual change on mages, there also slight visual change on Death Knight as well! I've changed the Blood Death Knight shoulder to an actual one, the shoulder size is higher eventhough I had reducing the polies but it's alright, I'm size wise enough. As for Frost Death Knight, I had change it's reskin to be more Frossy and Darker.

Beside all of the updates above, brand new version also featured with fancy changeable weapon attachments as you change your weapon (over 30 attachments variations), more than 200 new items, as well as NPC new way of interaction, Save/Load implemented, and more! I hope you enjoy this new version as I enjoy developing this (especially pretty much time taking work I've spend for reducing every single of WoW models materials polycount in order to make the map size not easily above 8mb and still able to be played by multiplayer)

World of Warcraft: Heroes Return [Brand New]

- Regards, Andrea Riona

TKAzA Staff

Im amazed at the level design, so well done, the leveling speed is a bit to slow for my liking however im sure playing with friends its much better.

Keep up the great work!

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In my eyes, this is the best mod I've ever seen in Warcraft 3.

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TKAzA Staff

Yeah its by far the best map Ive ever seen or played!
And to get all that in one map...The guys a wizard!

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So this is where you two have been hiding.

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This makes me want to reinstall Warcraft 3+FT! i played a bunch of ORPG maps but this one peaks my interest for sure.

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Maggy_ Online

Looks so awesome :D

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