Wolfys Mod for Bandits: Phoenix Rising. Aiming towards more game options, weapons, cars, maps and eventually whole new modes, such as Mechs, Tanks, etc.

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Whats new in v.0.4 and in what direction is the mod heading? Want to help, but don't know how? Read below to find out. :)

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News about v.0.4.

There will be a lot of new things for v.0.4. The Tank will be more functional and will have a new primary weapon. There will also be a lot of work getting the "Game mode" framework working.
There will of course a lot of small things and bug fixes, but the main focus will be on the "Game mode" framework.

Mod direction.

It's also time to start talking about what direction Wolfys mod is suppose to go. The goal I am aiming for is a more open Bandits. Meaning more options for the player.

I am first of all aiming for different "modes" of play, for single player (and eventually multi player).

Currently that means that there will be a new parameter when the player wants to create a new game. The parameter will be called "Game mode" (or something similar).

The first game mode will of course be a "Campaign mode" where all the player will be able to play all the original missions. The change for the "Campaign mode" will be that the player will be able to select any car and all the weapons for any original mission, including all new cars in all other new modes.

The news game modes that are currently planned are a "Tank" mode, a "Mechwarrior" mode and maybe in the future a "Racing" mode.

The Tank mode will be the first mode to be worked on. The Tank mode will feature custom made tanks, weapons and maps. I hope that in the future that this means sci-fi tanks, modern tanks, WWI tanks, WWII tanks, etc. Currently theres is a "test" tank being worked on and the whole "Game Mode" framework.

The Mechwarrior mode will be like the tank mode, with new weapons, maps and of course mechs. ;)
The mode will be created to be a "Mechwarrior 2" in the Bandits engine.

There is also plans for more game modes, including a racing mode.

Problems & opportunities.

I am not worried about getting vehicles like tanks and sport cars working in bandits. The engine has a credibly powerful physics engine for simulating a pretty realistic behavior for vehicles.

To "real" problem I currently have is to add my own materials (textures) and models. What that means is that I need to be able to create and edit files with the extension *.DIESEL. DIESEL files defines materials and models. I believe that the *.DIESEL file it self is some kind of package file, containing models, textures and definition of materials.

It will also be tricky to add mechs, but I am not really worried about that.


What the mod needs is help (tutorials, tips) on how to modify and create *.DIESEL files. If anyone know how to do this, please contact me.

I hope that after this (temporarily) problem is solved anyone interested can create there own complete vehicles (Currently Tanks), weapons and maps and let me add them to the mod. I there for I hope that in a not to far away future there will be a lot of tanks, mechs, weapons and maps for the specified game modes.


That was all for this update. I hope you guys will keep following and enjoy my mod.

Project Leader
Kristian "Wolfy" Nilsen (a.k.a Sajber).

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