Experience dark winter as never before; this plugin adds a great island far north, until recently completely isolated from Tamrielic law. Now that the Imperials have arrived and colonized the island, complications with the local Nords are undeniably present and the area’s agitation is tangible.

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We're just about done with the prerelease. Although a few things are messing with us.

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The release date of the prerelease has been pushed to the 25th of December for a few reasons. But I guess it's a better time for a snow mod anyway ;-)
There are only few things left to be done such as checking all dialogue and fixing the map. With this info I feel the time has come to give you the full list of features:

What's in the prerelease:

  • 2 small towns, fully populated
  • The full Thorlak Island landscape (the landscape available is not nessesarily final and about half of the island is not very interesting at the moment)
  • 5 side quests with lots of different endings
  • 1 faction quest
  • 3 main quest quests
  • Polar bears and Black Crabs
  • A type of disguise/guard system (wearing the new Imperial guard armor makes you a guard yourself)
  • New armor and weapons
  • Intelligent lighting system (at 6am all candles will be snuffed and daylight will appear inside most houses. At 8pm the process will happen again but backwards)
  • Children

What's not in the prerelease:

  • The final prison system (it will differ from the standard Oblivion one)
  • All towns
  • The entire landscape
  • All side quests
  • All main quest quests
  • All factions and their quests
  • All new creatures (although many have been added to the mod they have not been spread out on the island, although I might do that anyway)
  • Lots of different types of fish
  • Bugs (well I certainly don't hope so XD)

Changed may be made to the list if I suddenly remember something I forgot.
-Nic-V, team leader

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