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Does Kreia hate you. The fool no longer talks to you? Your general-ness over? Then help me help you by telling your shocking release in this newspost, so we may squash this bug once and for all! Hopefully. Maybe. I'll try my best...

Posted by Hassat_Hunter on Oct 11th, 2013

Pretty much the title.
I tried my best to replicate the bug where Kreia, Atton and/or Bao-Dur stop talking to you, but... I can't make it happen at all.

So if anyone has any savegames, or if you had it happen can tell if you recall what you did on the sparring mat (which teammates?, did you loose a fight by cheating?, left the mat? Was the handmaiden still hostile after you said you'd return later?

I've already made a small modification which hopefully makes it less likely to appear, but without replication, I can't make sure it'll never happen again anymore :/
And judging from the Steam forums, it's happening more frequent than ever before...

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WeeGee9000 Oct 11 2013 says:

never had this problem before

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svenyboy1996 Oct 12 2013 says:

i only have that some team mate,s turn dark side but that is not a problem they stil talk to me

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Tpiom Oct 12 2013 says:

Are they using other mods? I have never encountered this problem.

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Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Oct 12 2013 replied:

No, it's a vanilla issue.
I just have no idea how exactly it should happen.

I followed Team Gizka's reproduction instructions, didn't happen. Tried various other methods, and while crazy stuff could happen, teammates still would talk to me...

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Darth_Saber Oct 13 2013 says:

I haven't seen that bug, but I have discovered that if you train in the Echani with the Handmaiden's sisters, then the option of training with the Handmaiden herself disappears. So unless you have a saved game, you would have to start the game over again to correct the mistake made last time. Perhaps this is a bug?

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Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Oct 13 2013 replied:

It doesn't.
Maybe you get confused with it not appearing in hyperspace, since otherwise you get an infinite battle there.
Just dock on a planet, re-enter the hawk, and the option *is* there.

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Xaven Oct 17 2013 says:

I wish I could help you with this, but I never even knew such a bug existed before now.

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MrShmata Oct 21 2013 says:

I just had that problem with Kreia and Bao-Dur. The only remedy I found is to go with them to Dxun Mandalorian hideout and fight in the ring. That fixed my companions, but both of them must be with you - those staying at Ebon Hawk wont get fixed. I dont know if I have save game thou.

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Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Oct 21 2013 replied:

Concerning the arena; what did you do?
Did you loose any battles, got called on 'cheating'? Left the mat?
Anything else out f the ordinary?

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MrShmata Oct 22 2013 replied:

I found one save with Bao-Dur still broken at Dxun, just before ring fight. Let me know if it can help.

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MrShmata Oct 21 2013 says:

Don't remember exactly but I lost due to cheating once. Don't remember how I cheat (and if I cheat), they just stop and said I lost, so I assumed I cheated accidentally. And I lost 5-1 battle too. I had one save just before 5-1 battle, and my companions were already broken, so maybe "cheating" broken them. I'll check the saves when I get back from work but I think that one is overwrited.

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Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Oct 22 2013 replied:

Thanks for offering the save but Dxun is a bit late.
Yeah, I tried cheating at various stages, but never got to replicate the 'broken' effect. Infuriating :/

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Nirtok Oct 28 2013 says:

I have this problem and have a save just after the 5-on-1 battle. Before the fights I freed my companions (including T3), then challenged a Handmaiden Sister. Lost the first fight several times and accidentally cheated once during the third one (put on a robe before the fight or in the beginning of the fight, do not remember). Corruption must have occured sometime after the first fight, because Bao-Dur and Kreia followed me and I was able to choose Bao-Dur after it.

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Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Oct 29 2013 replied:

Could you upload it?

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Nirtok Oct 30 2013 replied:

Of course. At least I believe so.

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Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Oct 31 2013 replied:

Sadly, didn't get much wiser from it :(

Guess this will just remain a 'can't be fixed' issue :(

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Nirtok Oct 31 2013 replied:

Always welcome. Sad that it didn't help, though.
But anyway it doesn't seem to be a deadly issue, at least not in my case - replayed the fights without cheating and everything was (and still is) ok.

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Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Nov 1 2013 replied:

It can be if you continue with them broken as they were, as can also be seen by Ebon Hawk cutscenes not triggering properly.
So it's good you reloaded and unstuck them before continuing on with the game.

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HulkBM Nov 2 2013 says:

Yeah I have this with Kreia, shame you can't figure out the cause.
At least I now know where the bug happened so I can go back and redo the area without sparring.

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Guest Jan 28 2014 says:

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Retrosniper Apr 30 2015 says:

hey i did this trying to go back and fix it and i acidently kinda duped my charecters so theres two kreias standing there and bao following me while one stands at the ring

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