open Outcast is a total conversion mod for Crysis Wars that should become an unofficial successor of the Action-Adventure Outcast (by Appeal).

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open Outcast is the upcoming unofficial sequel for the 1999 classic PC game Outcast being developed as a Total Conversion mod for Crysis Wars. We are a multinational, devoted group of talented people working on this project in our freetime with the aim of creating a game of the same quality as current commercial titles. Achievements so far:

  • February 2010: Release of the first public tech demo: Oasis
  • April 2010: Video Demonstration of our custom Dialogue System supporting nonlinear Dialogues
  • May 2010: Video Demonstration of free travelling (persistence system) and our custom Quest System and questlog UI

The next milestone will be an alpha version, including all engine modifications from the technical side and studies for each of the regions from the artistic side. The deadline for this is Q4 2010.

Our current bottleneck is art development (especially 3D art!), so we are looking for talented, passionate individuals with an interest in exposing and developing themselves as artists and getting reasonably involved in the project while (re)designing the beautiful world of Adelpha.

If you want to grow with us, and you can confidently match or improve on the current visual quality of the game, we offer one of the best project environments where you can hone-up your skills and experience working in a highly skilled team whilst developing your portfolio.

Interested? We are currently looking for:

  • Senior 3D artist (1 post): Academic background recommended. Your tasks will include the definition of the artistic style of the regions and supervising the team; your responsibility will be achieving a common look-and-feel.
  • 3D artists (around 3 posts): With emphasis in "artists". Good ability to interpret concepts in 3D, knowledge of anatomy and proficiency in both organic and inorganic modeling. High motivation necessary! 3Dsmax preferred.
  • 2D/Concept artists: (around 2 posts): Must have a good, preferably academic artistic base and a strong sense of design and lighting. Knowledge of anatomy and landscape painting is highly preferred. Should be a communicative person with high self-criticism and should be able to express in abstract terms.
  • Level Designer (1 post): You should have 2 years experience in level design in general and at least 1 year experience using the Sandbox 2 editor. Skills regarding terrain generation are a plus.
  • Tool Programmer (1 post): 2 years of experience in the programming language of your choice and at least one years experience with designing programs with user interfaces. Experience with XML parsing is a plus.

Jobs that will become increasingly important:

  • C++ Programmer (1 post): At least 2 years of experience programming in C++; you should be ready to work with a huge (and not fully documented) codebase
  • GFX Programmer (1 post): You should be experienced in creating shaders using the HLSL or GLSL
  • ActionScript Scripter (1 posts): You should have some experience in creating Flash files and, obviously, ActionScript. C++ knowledge is a plus.
  • Lua Scripter (2 posts): Your job will consist of implementing Quests and working on the AI system of open Outcast.

And finally there are some freelance jobs:

  • Community manager, English (1 post): You should be familiar with the English speaking Gaming-scene and know the right places to promote our project. Good skills in written Englih are a must.
  • Community manager, French (1 post): You should be familiar with the French speaking Gaming-scene and know the right places to promote our project. You may translate an announcement or news posting into French from time to time.
  • Community manager, German (1 post): You should be familiar with the German speaking Gaming-scene and know the right places to promote our project. You may translate an announcement or news posting into German from time to time.
  • Community manager, Spanish (1 post): You should be familiar with the Spanish speaking Gaming-scene and know the right places to promote our project. You may translate an announcement or news posting into Spanish from time to time.

We, on the other hand, can offer you a solid project with a highly motivated, self-bettering and communicative environment.

If you think we are going to love your work, don't hesitate to mail us a small glimpse at your portfolio to (3-4 pieces are more than enough for us). Please include a brief note detailing why you are the right person for the job and an estimation of how much time you can invest per week.

Please be realistic concerning that last part - even if you eventually come up with your own work, communication is paramount.

If you don't have time yourself, feel free to recommend us to your artist friends.

You can always check the progress of open Outcast at the official site and at ModDB of course.

Thank you for your attention, have a nice day!

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