FFT 1.3 is a fan-made modification of Squaresoft's game Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation and Playstation Portable gaming systems. It greatly increases the difficulty of the game and rebalances gameplay mechanics. 1.3 is not a storyline patch and does not affect the game's plot or character development.

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This update balances out Item, Summon Magic, and White Magic. It also adds Lava Bolt, a fire elemental Cross Bow and adds some experimental AI to storyline battles.

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[] - Healing & Summon Rebalance, Lava Bolt

- New Intro Screen with FFT and ID Logos

- Smarter AI added to some storyline battles (work in progress)
- Hi Potion now heals 60 HP, Costs 100 Gil, Available in Chapter 2 Start
- X Potion now heals 90 HP, Costs 200 Gil, Available in Chapter 3 Start
- Antidote replaced by Mega Potion, Costs 300 Gil, Doesn't work with Auto Potion, Heals 150 HP, Chapter 4 Start
- Elixir is now only useable by bosses and special enemies
- Murasame healing power down from 10 to 9
- Cure healing power up from 16 to 20
- Rejuvenate healing power up from 24 to 30, AOE increased by 1
- Reflect CT down from 2 to 1, Accuracy increased
- Meteor can no longer be Mimicked, is Evadeable, and Reflectable
- Summon Magic can no longer be Mimicked
- All Offensive Summon Magic except Zodiac is now Evadeable
- Moogle healing power reduced from 20 to 16
- Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit damage values down from 18 to 16
- Silf now deals Wind damage with a chance of adding Float, MP cost 26
- Carbunkle now adds Reflect & Defend, CT down from 4 to 3, MP cost down to 20
- Lich is now 5 CT, 30 MP, Absorbs 33% HP from targets and heals caster. Dark Elemental
- Cross Bow replaced with Lava Bolt, Fire Elemental, 20% Cast Lava Ball
- Lava Ball lost its 20% KO Proc

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