Paying tribute to one of the finest shooters of all time, CSX is a CS 1.6 mod aiming to bring back the classic and evolve it to an entirely new level.

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The biggest reasons why Counter-Strike X is just better.

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CSX features both a Lagless version (with low computer-intensive models/sounds/codes) and a Lockdown expansion pack (for the higher-end computers). The improvements and changes this mod makes on the usual Counter-Strike 1.6 are outlined below:


Weapon and player skins, weapon reloading animations and sounds, gloves and skin textures, c4 and hostage skins and sounds, hud font and radar, cs source kill icons, buy menu images

CSX Lockdown


A modified version of Geesu's war3ft mod with 10 races, 25 levels, and 5 trainable skills and 1 ultimate per race. New skills, sounds and sprites are included. War3ft bugs such as night elf evasion are fixed, and mole system improved. Maps can be played either with objectives or without objectives. Maps can also be played with a Match-style feature, which changes the map once a team reaches 10 wins (unless entering over-time). Alternatively, a map voting system occurs per 25 mins, changing the map after the last round ends.

CSX Lockdown


Killing spree sounds and sprites, in-game karaoke menu with over 200 songs and lyrics, over 400 *special* wall pictures, in-game menu with over 80 different knives, 5 different monsters with extra health and speed, over 50 new maps with bot navigations, 40 different selectable player models with accompanying descriptions in team select menu

CSX Lockdown


Realistic blood and bullet decals, smoke sprites, extra gore, he grenade explosion sprites/sounds/trails/flame and blood effects, flashbang and smoke grenade colours/sounds and disorientation/trails/choke effects, proper weapon physics (dropping weapons/explosions), weapon lighting on gun fire, bullet whizz on near-headshots, armour protection on only torso and head, optional realistic reloading a la battlefield series, full ammo supplied with weapon purchases a la cs source, full ammo reload on round start

CSX Lockdown

Bot Support:

Unlocked official CSbot from 1.6 files, improved bot personalities with more diverse weapon preferences including pistols eg. deagle, p228, fiveseven, features add-able hard-difficulty bots with automated skin eg. Ashley (see pic below), improved bot grenade throw capability, bots can level up to level 25, improved bot starting-level variety (less bots begin at level 0), bots use ultimates more aggressively and intelligently (no random undead suicide bombers), add-able zombie bosses with extra health and speed (five to choose from)

CSX Lockdown

Complete Customisability:

Can't stomach the extra gore? Don't like the realistic loading? Prefer smoke grenades and flashbangs with its original colour? Every part of the game can be customised to your liking, through an in-game menu. Simply press a button and decide which plugins should be enabled or disabled.

CSX Lockdown

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New Official Website:
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CSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX LockdownCSX Lockdown


Oh my GOD ! Ashely ?! didn't knew your a terrorist :| you made leon sad.
Still nice list of features, sounds like a huge boost of a normal CS with lots of action other then just boring redo's of maps.

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MorbidThirsk Author

Haha, yea Ashley's true colours surfaced after the events of RE4 :D

Ok well, it was a tough decision deciding which team Ashley should be on. But I decided she had best become a terrorist or else the balance would be tipped.

So the final teams are:
T: Leon (brown jacket), Ada, Wesker, Manuela & Ashley
CT: Leon (grey uniform), Chris, Jill, Rebecca & Claire

Thanks Avenger.

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Man the whole RE4 char list ? very nice ! totaly tracking it and 10'ing it. plus sounds like its gonna be fun then the normal Cs :D

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