A collection of extractor tools for Alien: Isolation.

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This tool gives you a graphical interface to modify behaviours and other attributes in Alien: Isolation.

Alien: Isolation Modding ToolKit

oh hey this is real nifty! thanks for putting this together, cant wait to make some personal tweaks to alien behavior!!! also, why is the download file on here just a github link? (why bother putting it in a zip file and uploading, why not just link it in the description or something? just curious :P).

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all viewers, PLEASE read my entire rant and help if possible:

message begin:
im sure the reason they zipped just the link was because A: the website probably required a zipped file for download (zips are easier on us and allow for compression) and B: the guy gave us a link because at the time they posted, im sure the project was undergoing regular updates and instead of constantly changing the download (super annoying to do every single time), it was just easier to link to the parent directory where we can get what we need.

by now im sure you've run into the exact same problem i have with this....project. i was very excited to get working on my very own AI for the alien and various other game mechanics. we downloaded the link. we grabbed the entire archived file (first indication something was wrong). we read every bit of README material enclosed...which didnt help one bit. we (against instruction) opened and played with the packager file, extracted our AI.EXE alien ai behavior files and converted them to xml format. we realized that these projects are literally that, projects. so nowwww we went and installed visual studio (we werent told to do this in the instructions, SO VAGUE) to open the projects (since no one ever just compiles a project and gives is a program to download anymore). we opened every single project and noticed that EVERYONE of them threw multiple errors, refused to connect to the referenced online libraries (cause they dont exist anymore since 2015 i think), and the one we did manage to get working, still didnt work because it was a library and not an executable. we NEED the braniac designer INSTALLER so that we could install the legend plugin AS PER THE INSTRUCTIONS. cant build it. then we spent an hour raiding google to see if anyone either continued the project, or at the very least, compiled the project somewhere for the rest of us since the author abandoned the braniac designer YEARS AGO.

so where are we? well. we just wasted (in my case) 3 days of trying to get this awesome myth of an idea working and got nothing. so to all new readers (i just JUST NOW got alien isolation like a week ago) the ai editor you were looking for is long, long gone. the only hope you have is to use the packager tool to extract the bml files into xml files, and manually edit the behaviors by hand. thats IF you know and understand the structure and can decipher the complex nature of these files.

when i stop being mad about this waste of time, im going to actually use excel as my tool of choice. im gonna edit the file in a way that allows for a clean import into the data cells with nice spacing, make my changes, then edit it back into the required xml format, THEN repackage it back into its original location and format. thats alot of work for a game that died :( but alien is my passion so...i'll do it for ripley.

if anyone out there knows if a new editor has been made, PLEASE post it here under these comments so we can find it and continue on our journey!!! This is Gh0st, last surviving player of Alien: Isolation, and I'm still searching.

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MattFiler Author

Not too sure on your confusion. Visual Studio isn't required to run the program, simply copy the "Mod Tools.exe" from the "Mod Tools" folder and place it in your Alien: Isolation folder. Brainiac Designer needs to be installed to be able to read and edit the behaviour trees, and a download link for that is available on the README.

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Hello MattFiler, thanks for the reply. Regarding the "Mod Tools.exe" and"Installing Braniac", this simply was not an option. I see you've completely changed the process from what it was, 6 days ago. now there's actually a download and not just a source code. now there's actually executables. for future reference, you should really let readers know that the README is not a standard text file as it is for every single other program, that it is infact, a README.MD file that can be opened with an XML or notepad++. this is definitely not user friendly. I'm installing braniac now (WAS NOT AN INSTALLER BEFORE) and will try this again. I just wonder how long it was undownloadable on this site. we shall see if this works. thank you.

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UPDATE: much better links, and it IS easy now, thanks MattFiler! :)

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