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Afterword is an expansion to the current storyline of the portal universe. In fact, we are trying to explain what happened immediately after the events of portal, how aperture had changed. Everything is thrown into chaos, and without GLaDOS to regulate the system Aperture Science becomes unpredictable and unstable. You will play as Sarah another test subject trapped in the facility. After Chell had escaped test chamber 19, GLaDOS awoke Sarah to satisfy her testing euphoria while she was trying to convince Chell to return to the testing area. But alas, GLaDOS was destroyed and Sarah left alone in the Enrichment center. So, Portal ends and our story begins... with a little friend named Green. Lots of new test-chambers, puzzle elements and an emotional story are waiting for you!

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Such thoughts have always been in our heads. We were afraid of it, and this has happened. Those Afterword that you all know, has gone. Forever. I do not know what name will it have, what storyline etc. but that will not be what we had and what we wanted it to look like. I am sorry for my team to release the product that is “just for release”, and I never was up to give you something I didn’t want to play for myself. The idea of that Afterword was destroyed, the motivation were changed.

Posted by patrstarr on Feb 13th, 2013

Afterword, goodbye, I will miss you.

Such thoughts have always been in our heads. We were afraid of it, and this has happened. Those Afterword that you all know, has gone. Forever. I do not know what name will it have, what storyline etc. but that will not be what we had and what we wanted it to look like. I am sorry for my team to release the product that is “just for release”, and I never was up to give you something I didn’t want to play for myself. The idea of that Afterword was destroyed, the motivation were changed. Sadly, but it is true. And I am out of making such mod.

When I started Afterword, it was an idea of a big, ambitious project that involves many resources, hard work and a lot of time. Based on a story of Portal and Portal 2, I made a plot that were not changed the spirit and universe of Portal game, but I have ignored some important things. If you are making a mod, please, don’t forget to make a plan and a story that is going on from start to the end. Don’t follow my mistakes. However, we made some work. There were a lot of maps made by our mapper – Edik, and I have involved more people, since we made Afterword public: Atlas777, Dk|47, H2x, [HyperCube].

Someone has betrayed us, like our script writer, that has done nothing for a long time, and after him got fired – the modbuild could become published, as from his word. But, we made through all those problems. I saw my work was done for that time, and I switched to some other projects, like YouTube Indie Boy, my book “PiRSER” etc. We had some problems in our team, but mostly Atlas777, who could find words that could make us calm down, solved them.

Moreover, while the mod were processing to demo release, I started to see the consequences of the plan was misted. I tried building up the plan and making everything by the list, but our team couldn’t make it, and after a lot of time ignoring it, I just gave up on that idea. The maps were unordered by the difficulty, the plot has been written only for the demo, and there were many bags that Edik didn’t want to solve. Lots of time been wasted, by waiting the auditions and voice acting recordings, while we had a lot of thing to changed.

Then I came with an idea to start everything from a scratch. Well, we could leave some puzzle ideas, and the plot. Starting by almost nothing, we could have a great potential to move on quickly, because we knew our mistakes, and by some months, we could make even more of what we have done. Starting by a plan, the full story written, with all experience we gained by almost 2 years. Atlas777 liked this idea, and he fully supported me. But, when we had a discussion with Edik… well, things has changed. I understand how he like his work and how hard is to remake the things, but that egoistic thought he had of just leaving all thing as they were because it wouldn’t harm his maps couldn’t except the proposition me and Atlas777 have gave him. In addition, the most painful for me was the fact that Atlas777 has betrayed be in a critical moment. He like to do this: write something in PM and when it is public, change his opinion rapidly. He just want everyone to “be satisfied”. That is not how the things are working.

Other thing is that from that discussion, I have learned that Edik and Atlas777 does not care much of people who will play the mod. They just want to make it done, no matter what they will receive after mod will be published. That is not the main idea of creating Afterword, and I have already mentioned that. So I have quit. I didn’t have much choice: Edik hates me, my friend Atlas777, who has joined us from my proposition, the person I made to study modeling, the friend I was staying online till 6am helping with his first model, has betrayed me.

The good thing, is that I was invited to a new project called DESOLATiON as a story and script writer. In addition, I attended to make some graphical design for it. I really like it, and I am up to making many awesome things for it. I am free by making my own universe, characters, background story, all that stuff. I enjoy my new team, and I love to work for it. I have already written the first part of Chapter 1, and it makes me inspired! For making it serious, I got the Greenlight pass (that costs 100$) for it, and I don’t think I would like to waste money for nothing.

As soon as we will make whole story written and first chapter done (with some videos and other stuff) we will present it on ModDB and Greenlight.

Thank you for watching us, and sorry for closing up Afterword. Hope you got interested in DESOLATiON.

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tile Feb 13 2013, 9:35pm says:

and another one bites the dust...

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MugiSNK Feb 14 2013, 9:12am says:


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benvlodgi Feb 14 2013, 3:40pm says:

This is a very biased way of stating what happened.

Pat says he was betrayed many times in here.
Pat frequently changed his mind on things, and it was when he changed the idea of the original Afterword to new one (possibly a better version), he was telling Edik that all of his work had to be scrapped, and start over.
Edik was the hardest worker on the team, he created nearly every map. And then Pat just changes his mind and wants to scrap it all.
Most of the team now wanted to keep with the original plan and not scrap thousands of hours of work on a whim.

I notice that some negative comments and discussion have been removed, I wonder if anyone will even see this post

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patrstarr Author
patrstarr Feb 14 2013, 6:07pm replied:

You are not actually saying truth. Maybe Edik did say you something, I don't know what, but I have logs of that disscussion.

While the proposition was to remove everything, I said that the consepts of maps and puzzles out from them could be leaved.

In addition, you are saying that Edik was the only hard worker, I am sorry, but you are saying that mod only consists maps? My whole work was also "scrapped" and Atlas777 work too. Mod is not about maps, and that is what I am telling you all over again. We are not making mappacks, there are many of them on workshop. Moreover, Edik didn't just work days by days, he had a lot of time wasted: "creative crisis", "out of internet" issues and so on. There were about 13 buggy maps by nearly a year of development.

You are blaming me for that "scrapping everything" plan, but remember half-life 2. They have deleted a LOT of things, and mostly started from a clear folder after their beta got leaked, and thank for that hacker, we are not playing THAT half-life 2.

I wouldn't introduce and make my plan involved by just making the team to do it. I discussed it with Atlas777, and he agreed, that was the two votes out of three. Before he betrayed me.

>Pat says he was betrayed many times in here.
Yes, I was. By scriptwriter who I was relied on. And, at summer, by Edik, who made be leave the project by saying that he owns this mod, and he has done everything. By Atlas777, who changed his opinion only because “Edik is his friend”.

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benvlodgi Feb 15 2013, 2:59am replied:

I know there is much more to a mod than maps. There is a lot more. Much work had been done outside mapping, but the models and textures weren't the things being scrapped, those would live on to new iterations of the mod.
Lots of HL2 was changed indeed, but those people were getting paid to create that game. It is different to have people create maps for free for an idea someone else has. Its bad when that person asks you to abandon the work of over a year and do it differently, because they changed their mind.

As far as I understand it, the team plans on continuing with the original plan for Afterword, with some changes because you don't want them taking the ideas completely.

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Atlas72 Feb 15 2013, 11:30am says:

I refused Patrik's idea to remake in mod ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING just because I did not want to lose what we have done in 2 years. Also, Edik and I are creating a different mod on the basis of what we have done in these two years. It will be called "Conversion".
You can not believe us. But we will continue to do what we started.
Thank you for your attention. And forgive me for the mistakes, I badly know English.

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patrstarr Author
patrstarr Feb 15 2013, 3:26pm replied:

You did wanted to make everything from a scratch, than just changed your opinion by Ediks precision. I have logs, Atlas777, you cannot trick people this time.

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Atlas72 Feb 17 2013, 5:08am replied:

Yes, I changed my mind after talking with Edik. It is forbidden?
We just discussed the pros and cons, and come to the conclusion that we are not willing to remove all that we have done during this time.

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patrstarr Author
patrstarr Feb 19 2013, 3:40pm replied:

You are lying, as always, you "didn't know why you changed your opinion". You "didn't want to "disagree Edik", and after all you "didn't have your own opinion ". It is not me bad, coming with that idea, if you didn't support me fully, I wouldn't even try. Edik has chosen to do it for just making it done, not carrying much about what will be released. After all, your new mod changed "a lot" as you said in your new group, and it is betraying me, kicking out from project and taking my plan (I did proposed to leave some maps: concepts and puzzles with some changes and bug fixes). It is so disgusting.

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benvlodgi Mar 7 2013, 10:38am replied:

pat, you alienated the team. they kicked you out because you were determined to do something that most of the team didn't want to do. you cant lead a group of volunteers without their respect and support

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patrstarr Author
patrstarr Mar 7 2013, 10:01pm replied:

You are saying a lot of things that I "did" but how can you know? Were you there? Dont state on something, you don't know. And no one "kicked me out" the situation pushed me to go.

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