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I'll make this short and sweet. I joined Desura for the simple fact that not all games I've been getting out of the indie bundles are available on Steam D:

I prefer to keep all my games collected in one place, easier to find that way and less programs. But with each bundle it kept increasing the number of games not available on Steam. So instead of having them floating around my PC, I can hopefully keep them organized on Desura instead.

I can normally be found on Steam, Xbox, PS3, and Raptr (http://raptr.com/Plum)

Games to play on Desura:
Super Crossfire
Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack
The Oil Blue

(Other games on list are owned on Steam.)


So we are 2 then. I bought so many bundles i thoguth it'd be a good idea to redeem my keys here. That was a good thing, as it led me to discover this platform, which is awesome in some regards.

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Zombette Author

Yeah I had gotten to the point where I was saving my Indie Bundle emails, so I wouldn't forget about the non-steam games cause I didn't want to install all of them right away lol.

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