Im currently an unemployed programmer who's working on a game called The Mining Project which can be found here on IndieDB. When i don't work with programming i usually play other computer games to help me inspire to keep doing what i do.

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About Game Developement and Me

I think game developement is a great way to show people your fantasies. They say a picture can say a thousand words, well in game you can actually tell the players a whole story about anything you can come up with in your mind. I've been told that gameprogramming is way to hard to accomplish and that i should try do something more simpler to achive, even thou those thoughts have come to my mind from time to time, i have to say, im Happy that i did not listen to them.

But ofcourse there is traps when it comes to game programming and developement so even thou you think you have a good idéa for a game, make sure that you have it all figured, cause in the end when you start working on a project and you don't have most of it figured, it will only come to the part of "Oh no, now i have to redo that part, and that part." and it keeps going until you might just give up cause you don't know where to go from there. Make a plan, make sure your ideas will work and that your game will be somekind of unique so it sticks out in the crowd, there's so many games out there and Alot of competition so you need to have faith in your work and belive in it yourself.

When i first started making games, way back in time, i used Game Making programs, i did not have enough knowledge on how to make computergames etc, but as the time flew by, i realised something, all game making programs, they are limited at some point and you just get stuck cause you can't implement that feature you want in your game cause of the limitations in a game making program. This is where i picked up programming on a very very basic level. I made simple applications, most of them i never even finished. I stopped programming after 5 years, I had roughly a 3 years break, comming back with a more willpower to accomplish something bigger. I struggled along time not knowing what to do, but i decided that i had to start doing something with the basic knowledge i had, so i made my first game without any help from anyone cause i thought that it couldn't be that hard to do. Snake came to my mind so i decided to use my basic knowledge and it actually came out pretty nice.

Two years going by with me doing same stuff over and over not knowing what kind of game to do, thats when my cousin came to the "rescue" and actually came up with a pretty good game idea and we started working on it, after a while we realised that it was not what we wanted to do, we put the project on the side and started to work on another project, this project actually started to look good, but i realised kinda early that, i don't have the knowledge to accomplish this game and we put it aside for the time being. A third game came to our minds, a game that is very unique but will also require alot more skills than what we have, so the third game put aside, but we keep working on the ideas for it to make sure we have it all figured when it comes to the developement of it. The fourth game came to mind after playing a simple platform game, we played it, and we played it alot, after a while we started to discuss, "Hey, what if you could do this in this game, or what if you could do that...", weeks went by until it came pretty clear, we had so many ideas to change an existing game into something of our own, the basic idea of the game was simple but the entire picture of the game would be so much more and that's when it was born, The Mining Project.

In the beginning of the developement we had alot of issues, alot of static content and it did not come out to be as dynamic as we wanted. Redo, and do it better, code was changed and it actually started to look better and feel better. Eight months later we are here and currently working on something that will be our first really serious project and with all the support i just have to stop here and say, Thank's for everyones support and help who have made it possible to do what i do today.

So in the end, don't stop belive in your work just because someone comes with negative talking. As long as you have the will to accomplish something, don't let someone else take it away from you!

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