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This MOD is a remake to the other mod haunted house. There Huge improvements on the other one that gives it what the MOD needed. This was more than a 100% remake, the only thing the kept was the main idea and the main form of the map. This doesn't even feel like the original mod that we first played.

This MOD was so power full in its remake that i had to stop playing and take a 5 minute brake to calm down. The only reason that this would not get a perfect 10 out of 10 is that this MOD is not for everyone.

Now this MOD does come with a few set backs, to play you need any of the HL2 games and CSS to use the textures. It's like GM_goonivers, you need PHX to see some of the stuff to see the game it self.

This mod was so good that I have to lower my rating of the original mod has to be lowered, from 7.5 to 6, just to make this balance out

==Final thoughts==

this is a top notch MOD from what it has come from, and again its not for every one. because this is a remake the ratings stand higher for this one.


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