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People commonly tend to forget the other side of the spectrum when it comes down to likes/dislikes and what is and what isn't acceptable. It's ok to like something, and it's ok to dislike something, but it's not acceptable to over-obsess over something. One thing, however, annoys me and it is that illusion in place that there is nothing wrong with obsessing over hating something.

One may think I'm talking about the conflict again with the bronies and their haters (it was definitely inspired), but this is a much more general thing. I am interested in the psychology of this little analogy I will present and what you can make of both people in it.

Consider this analogy:

Let's say Person A is a Half-Life fan, and let's say Person B is not. Person B approaches Person A playing Half-Life 2 and instantly asks why he plays that game. Person B says that Half-Life sucks and he should go play another game. Person A explains (for just this analogy, we will say Half-Life 1 was horrible; though it clearly wasn't) that Half-Life 2 changed after Half-Life 1 and became something different. Person B denies this by saying that it is still Half-Life and that Halo became much more popular for a reason.

Let's take a break for a second. What can you already make of Person A and B? Right now, the only thing Person A has done is try to respond intelligently and explain his like for Half-Life 2. What has Person B done? Sounded like a completely unintelligent dick.

Back to the analogy:

Person A asks now if he's ever played Half-Life 2. Person B says, "No, why would I play such a faggot ass game?" Person A comes to the conclusion right then that this person is an idiot and just tries to ignore him, seeing as there is no point in trying to convince this guy of separating his flawed belief of Half-Life 1 from Half-Life 2.

Another break. Person B is clearly an asshole if you haven't realized this, whether he is a troll or not is yet to be disputed. Person A is becoming annoyed by this person's hate outright attacking his love for something. He decides that ignoring it will get rid of the hater. Back to the analogy.

Person A finally gets rid of Person B for a bit, going back to his usual activities. Eventually the topic is brought up again when Person B approaches. Person B continues his usual unintelligent rant of something he doesn't understand, except that now he claims to also hate the fanbase surrounding Half-Life 2 for being so defensive of it. Person B then continues to rant about how he sees Half-Life stuff appearing everywhere he goes now and is absolutely tired of it. Person A then asks why did Person B even go near the Half-Life material on the related sites to attack and condemn the fans. Person B claims that the fans violated him practically by posting the material up on a public download site where he could see it.

Final break. If you guys see where I'm going with this, you will see that this is related to the brony/anti-brony conflict. The point I've been coming to is that when people become haters of something; it isn't a good thing or a sign of intelligence. It is actually quite the opposite. Most haters I've met seemed to act just like this. Showing clear incapable grasps of logic, and displaying a huge ego that is not at all related to how low they are in reality.

If this conflict went on, the likelihood of Person A trolling Person B becomes higher as well as trying harder now to make this guy see his idiotic ways; if he even can. Is Person A really to blame here? Is it really all Person B's fault? Or is it society in general? The same society that raises us to accept certain beliefs, like certain things, and to condemn outcasts is the same one that probably influenced Person B's interests and hate towards something he truly didn't understand. Person A, on the other hand, was rather calm and didn't seem to make a big deal out of Person B's obvious attack on something he very much liked and cherished.

The reason I made this analogy was to clarify on why it is ok to dislike something, but why it is ok NOT to run around hating something. If Person B had kept up this cycle, he might just influence Half-Life fan boys to increase their pride over the material and eventually run off to create artwork, commentary videos, and more off of Half-Life.

So for all you haters out there who keep claiming bronies fired the first bullet, you must understand that they have been getting this shit since the beginning as far back on 4chan as you can possibly go to the root of the FiM fan club. Bronies everywhere are tired of people being jerks to them because they like a specific show people thought they shouldn't watch. Their revenge comes in the form of the fandom itself. They will only grow stronger the more hate they receive.

Hate is a strong word; a word that shouldn't be taken lightly when used. Maybe, if bronies didn't receive so much hate on the internet, they could have easily co-existed peacefully. When will the day come, that humanity will learn to accept new cultures? Will it ever? That is for the individual to decide. The individuals of the new generation. You.


My comment may sound insignificant compared to this 933 word write-up, but well said, you're a very well spoken person for your age, that's hard to find these days, and not a single grammatical error...

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Velancious Author

Thanks! I just find it ridiculous how so many people think it's cool to 'hate on things'. This goes for just about everything out there.

People just need to realize hate and love are strong words that can cause unintended reactions depending how you use them in other people.

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Some words, not just those mentioned, can be so easily thrown around with knowing the impact on some people, that's why it's good to have a wide vocabulary, so you can use the right word for the message your conveying.

And thats what is hard to find these days, with all that lingo stuff destroying the english language, I use it rarley, but usually for things like e-mail and text, I keep it minimal.

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Velancious Author

Yes, the English language has been butchered and simplified so much! People just say now words like "That's gay!" to describe MANY different things they don't like. If there is one thing in the world that is getting dumber, it is the languages.

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