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WARNING: The link I am about to link you guys is an outright war over a baby's name.

Let me make it brief for those who don't want to read...

Basically what happened is a brony mom named her baby "Pinkamena" after the MLP: FiM cartoon character Pinkie Pie. The name originates from Pinkie Pie's "real" name or "other side" as pointed out in both the show and the fandom.

Here's my opinion on it:

I am NEUTRAL towards her naming her baby Pinkamena. Why? Look at foreign names and tell me you haven't seen a weird one. Tell me now, should parents be allowed to name their children with foreign or 'weird' names? Should they have their children stripped from them? Should the parents/baby be killed for this "atrocity"? All of this was, believe it or not (check it if you don't believe me), was said there in the comment section.

Now can you guys see how monstrous people can become? How we can even suggest murdering a baby because she MIGHT be bullied when she grows up for having the name? The people who want to do all this claim that the child will be bullied and she will have a miserable life. Stop there for a second. WHY do we have to worry about this child being bullied? What I mean is, shouldn't we actually have ADULTS on the watch, ready to catch bullies in the act or should we try to prevent this sort of stuff? How would we even be able to identify what is and what isn't a 'weird' name? Tom and Jerry are cartoon characters, so now any babies named Tom or Jerry should be killed because they were named after cartoon characters? There is flawed logic everywhere...

It's in our human history to name ourselves after inspirational characters, like our own parents, aunts, uncles; even fictional characters. This is actually a pretty NORMAL thing that has been going on for thousands and thousands of years, yet people don't realize it. Even if it wasn't normal, it isn't harmful to society. Pinkamena sounds like a professional name (if I didn't know FiM) to me and I see NO problem with someone named Pinkamena.

My friend brought up another interesting point: names are changing. They are getting more unique and more diverse in this day and age. Names like "Destiny" and others are becoming commonly accepted without even a single question asked.

So, really, in conclusion, I'd like to just say I'd VERY much would consider giving the same treatment to the people who even suggested that we should 'kill' the mother or baby. We don't need animals like this in our society.


I'm reading through the comments as they are being added, and it's just disgusting...

So much abuse, both for the baby and her mother, do these people not realize that they are talking to a human being, who is probably hurt by such comments, or do they think the silk-screen of the internet keeps them safe and free of consequences?!?

(Which it unfortionatly will)

There are some that are in support of the name, but they are blatantly outnumbered...

Also, theres a blog she wrote, regarding the progress of the baby.

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Velancious Author

Yeah, it's just ******* horrible what people on there were saying. I don't care about her using the name (and I don't think others should care) because when she grows up and is in the "bullying mega center" otherwise known as Jr. High, most of the kids (and I mean like in the high 98%) won't even know her name is based upon a character in FiM. The only people that honestly would know her name would be bronies....and they'd have to be like in their 20-30's by then. So they wouldn't be in Jr. High obviously.

The kid's chances of getting bullied would have to be over her name being unique, which translates towards foreign children who also go by 'unique' names when they visit other countries. From what I have observed, these children hardly get teased, if at all, for their names.

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Honestly, I like the name 'pinkamena' and there are other names that parents named their children like 'like'

I agree with both of you but I don't know anything in great detail for me to continue.

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Velancious Author

It's a very conflicted issue, that's all I will say.

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Did her friend really named the kid Optimus Prime ??? I don't know what to think, it's kinda cool and sad at the same time.

Also Pinkamena is a weird name for a human being, she will probably get bullied, but hey maybe their generation is not going to be ****** up like ours was...

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Velancious Author

Well parents have been off naming their kids after TV shows/video game characters now when before they use to name them after Biblical characters (Isaac, John, etc).

Really, it is in our nature to name kids after things we like to remember them by. I think this will just be another cycle humanity will have to go through. I imagine in the near future we might see a lot of kids with weird names like that, but hey who knows.

People will find any reason to bully kids, this would just be adding another excuse for them to bully so IDK really.

I'm pro for naming your kids whatever you want, but at the same time, you're gonna have to deal with the consequences of the stupid world we live in.

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