My name's Teresa and I don't create Video games or computer games of any sort but I'm very new to playing them and I love to try new games.I'm proud to say I have a brilliant and fantastic boyfriend who does create games and has introduced me to many new games.I was raised thinking that video games and such were uneducational and had no point but now I see things very differently and love to explore games and their story lines. I belive that this is a very powerful art and should be celebrated not put down so I'm here to blog about my journey through the world of gaming.

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Ok,so my boyfriend gave me Braid and Osmose for Christmas and I've only played Braid so far,but I LOVE IT!!!! Except i can't stand the part when you're getting chased by mutant bunnies and have to basically kill them. My boyfriend said"Kill the little mutant bunny or it'll eat you.Quick!".I freaked out and couldn't do it because I love bunnies! I had bad dreams about mutant bunnies chasing me and having to kill them! So traumatic! Just kidding. But other than that the game keeps pulling me in and i absolutely love the story room.I really don't like the concept of turning back time and fixing all your mistakes though because I think that's very immoral,but i don't think the game is promoting that it's just really making you think about it.


Why do you think it's immoral?

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Tlc007 Author

I don't think the game is immoral but I think the idea of nonchalantly going back in time and changing every bad or unsavoury thing in life is immoral.

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