I am a writer trying to get into the gaming business. I would like to write as well as give creative direction for a game or mod. I used to play those old Classics MUDs and even admin for one doing building, making mobs and areas for a while. I have been breaking into 3d modelling and animation working with a couple programs over the past couple of months. I did sculpture for several years in highschool working with shapes and geometry so modelling came very easily using a simple program called Anim8or. After of which I took it a step further and applied myself to learning maya more and that is the stage I am currently at. I have also written and published two titles "where the angels lost their way" and 'the gift of sin." I'm going to practice and post up my models or 3d graphics images from time to time please let me know if you would like to download any models or basis models for images.

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I had a slump recently in modeling/writing/designing for Wilderness. But after a coversation with my homie hardcore gamer over there I began to look into copmanies quals for hiring and I realized they're not exceptionally difficult as i had come to imagine after reading blogs and forum posts. I realize now what they're looking for is people with skillz and drive. It made finishing this game and making more with my team or even applying for a job seem more attainable and reachable and thus renewed my strength! it was kind of like a sensu bean or potion in that respect. My goals have really always been the same but now I actually feel like paying attention to them again.

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