I play music, i love to mod other games, ive tryed a few times to mod my own games (which doesnt work out well), I play :Crysis 2 ; BF2 ; BF1942 ; BF1942 forgotten hope (fhsw) ; Halo 1 ; Halo Custom Edition ; Command And Conquer: Zero Hour: Contra Mod ; Call of duty (not usualy) ; NFSW ; Suppreme Commander 2 ; And thats bout it :]. Im usualy quiet, and dont speak much, unless im in the mood, im terrible with instructions, unless i know what im doing, I cant Always be on the computer, but most of the time i can, Few words of wisdom(FWOW): Nothing Starts till it Starts, Nothing Ends till it Ends. (STISNETIE) =]


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