Hello, Welcome to my userpage for ModDB. Here I will post blogs of what i've been up to or what i'm doing at the current time. I'm Currently in college for Game Design and hope to start taking programming as a minor to better suit myself as a lead Programmer. I haven't had much work with any codes yet but thats why i'm in college.

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Okay, well I have been doing some thinking of a game I could do on the side while I'm in college. While I don't know much right now about coding and design, I will use this time to get the concept of my game done! "What's it called!?!?!?" I will give you at least that much. Operation: Talon Strike is going to be a multiplayer Turn-Based Strategy game set in the near future. The main idea for the game is using a card system to put pilots, mechs, and parts together to make your unit!!!! So let's just say I got a couple pilot cards and maybe a good mech I could take those two and play them together to have my unit in battle, or I can add parts to my mech to give it new paints, weapons, armor. Keep a look out for screenshots of concept art for the menu and maps!

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