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Hey Friends, Sarge here.

Well what can i say? been a long and fun ride during my noob stages. learned a lot from each of you... taught the noob how to survive in the forum, chat, Live world... i can say thanks! but no...
Fuck all you guys, No im just kidding but yeah thanks guys!

You all showed me a lot and now im capable of going deeper into the modding world... but all i need is some more training. training slots have been installed in my list so im pretty much gonna be busy during the long summer break, Hope you guys have a wonderful year because i know i'am and im gonna make the best of it from learning from the best....

Be sure to check out my personal forum Should be on my info. Yeah upcoming game for the PSP not quake engine btw... so not gonna be releasing any updates soon as we have to start the engine from pure scratch and getting it compatible with the PSP... Wish us luck and support us by registering today!

-This is sarge, over and out...

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