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Why am I talking about game development again, you ask? Well, long personal story short, my parents expect a good lot from me, because my brother is what us Filipinos would call “tambay sa bahay.” He’s basically lounging around the house when he’s not at work, and even though he took Multimedia in the same community college, he’s not in the industry. I aim to make THE difference.

Anyways, I’ve been into this since I got access to the almighty Internet. I’ve done some 3dsmax 5 years ago now, but I totally just wiped that off my mind when I thought it’d be awesome to join the military. After going through high school, that’s a big NO. Now, I’m regaining my knowledge, then maybe joining a small mod team or dev team. For now, I’ll be learning 3dsmax myself, and Maya in my class. I’m still not sure which engine I’ll focus on, but I’ve played around with Unreal 2 during the 2k3/2k4 days. I remember making this “Super Minigun” that shoot just like the chopper gunner in MW2, but with minigun speed. OVERPOWERED!

Other than 3D, I’ve also set my sights on a personal 2D J-RPG-style project. I’ve worked on one in the past, but all that’s left of it is my design document. I planned to have some voiceovers for it, but only if it’s the caliber that most Japanese VA’s offer, and I don’t mean the level of how pro they are. I want my voiceactors to have that same Japanesque way of conveying emotions. We all know how horribly “emotionless” most English VO is. If you’re gonna scream, SCREAM!! I want something like RE5, but much better.

Ok, so let’s get off the gamedev stuff and on to what I did this week: FINAL FANTASY XIV BETA.

First off, I have a love/hate relationship with this game. Second, it’s mostly love.


  • You have a TON of choices. You do not have to stick to what job you start with. If you were an archer, you can equip a Gladius/Dagger and rank up your Gladiator job.
  • Cross-class skill use. If you had Rank 4 Conjurer, and you want to level your Marauder, you can equip Conjurer spells like Blizzard, Heal, etc, and use them on your Marauder, or any other battle class.
  • Crafting is just as open.
  • Guildleves give you TONS of skill EXP to get your rank up. This is possible with Guardian’s Aspect buff.

HATE <!--3:

  • You get bonus EXP for a set amount of time (or set EXP, we do not know). After it runs out, you are back to a normal rate. This resets every 7 days.
  • Guildleves are limited to 48 hours. Even though some people say it’s 24 hours, you are basically grinding for ranks until it resets.
  • Crafting recipes are not listed anywhere. You either have to list them yourself, or use a site like the Yellow Gremlin FFXIV DB to get recipes. The only other way to make items is to guess the EXACT amount of EACH item. Meaning if you put 4 copper nuggets on your list, any recipe that needs 3 copper nuggets won’t show up.
  • BETA ONLY: THE LAAAAAG! Seriously, we pick Mysidia, and it ends up being the most populated. At least SE is doing fixes every day.
  • Even so, it’s very fun. I enjoy the gathering and crafting system. I will definitely get this game on release.

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