Hhmm, if I am serious about using this thing, I'd better put something in here. I'm a long time Java programmer, among other things. Currently I'm working on my first really serious game project. I've done other stuff as well but that stuff has been more in the corporate sector. For my game I'm using JME. When I'm not working or working on my game, I'm either having fun with the kids or playing tabletop games with friends. Oh, and I also started a blog series about the Quality Assurance and automated testing in Java.

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I'm really starting to have second thoughts about this whole QA thing I've set up. I know I need it, and I will off course keep going with it. But since I've first coded a very big chunk of code, even making Alpha 1 stage, before setting up QA, I have a lot of work to catch up.

I've been writing up unit tests for a week now, and I'm not even half way through. Even while writing them however, I have found a number of areas which could use some improvement. So in that regard, it has already paid off.

Once I reach the point where my unit tests have caught up with the rest of the code base, it should become easier to manage. Since then, each change in the codebase will have a limited amount of new or changed unit tests linked to it. Hopefuly. Ah well, we will see.

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