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Some Top Ten Time-wasters:

Innocent Bystander: "But I don't waste my time! ... Do I?"

Well, there are many different types of time-wasters on the Internet these days. Some anti-social guy invented Facebook to make himself feel like he wasn't just some anti-social guy. Facebook definitely ranks as #1 on the chart of 'Top Ten Time-wasters' (© www... blast! I can't find the link!).

For those of you who are reading this, Moddb modDb mOddB ModDB (round of applause, please) probably comes in at a good second place, quietly and serenely making you open up so many tabs that your brain explodes under the mental strain.

Ah, and then there's blogging ...
That saint of activities, so endearing to all of us who partake of it. We all have known the immeasurable joy of spending hours and hours and hours and hours... [gasp, pant, choke] ... and hours polishing her to perfection. What sorrow there is in imparting to you that this saint is in truth a devil! A devil of death and destruction! A Mistress of Desistress (wait, what?)! Her long fangs...
[cough, cough]
Her long fangs, almost as long as the hours we spend cleaning them, pierce deep...
[cough, choke, cough]
Deep into the supple flesh of our minds. In the utter end killing...
[choke, cough, *slumps in front of his desk*]

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